Assessoria de Relações Acadêmicas Internacionais

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 The Internationalization of UDF – University Center


The profile of a successful professional must be linked to a greater knowledge beyond the education provided in a single country, for trade relations are transnational. Concerning to this reality and impulses generated by the economic and social globalization, higher education has undergone transformations.
The international academic cooperation project provides technologies and experience exchanges, through direct and indirect exchanges with world-wide universities, by sharing events, interest on common topics researches or the promotion of cultural and scientific exchanges between academics and students from all over the globe.
As consequence of this context, the institutions of higher education should be structured to work with these outstanding dynamics. Before this, UDF – University Center has established the Institutional Program for Cooperation, Exchange and Internationalization and gave birth to the Academic International Relations Office – ARAI, as a mechanism for funding and implementation projects of international goals.
Among these goals of the Institutional Program for Cooperation, Exchange and Internationalization the following stands out:

  • Consolidate an internationalist culture as an institutional development strategy and qualification of the activities promoted by undergraduation and graduation courses.
  • Promote contacts with foreign educational institutions, agencies, international organizations, diplomatic missions and allow the execution of national and international agreements.
  • Identify the up coming teaching fields and international researches which mean real opportunities for launching and updating of undergraduation and postgraduation courses of UDF.
  • Encourage the inclusion of UDF into international exchange programs, developing academic partnerships that may enclose scholarships, courses, internships, conferences, seminars and international cooperation programs.
  • Assist, according to each case, the academic initiatives of the university community involving the internationalization of UDF on multiple levels.
  • Encourage the involvement of Schools Coordinators, professors and students in the creation and implementation of the proposal of this program and each project derived from it.
  • Internally enable meetings, courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, roundtables, conferences for discussion and dissemination of the issues related to the internationalization of higher education involving UDF.
  • Monitor the activities developed by the students during their participation in academic mobility projects and mind to share experiences with others as a feedback.
  • Encourage the study of foreign languages inside and outside the UDF.
  • Disclose events abroad or internationally, specially those held in Brazil and encourage students and professors to take part.
  • Promote the internationalization of the campus.
  • Perform the reception of foreign students, professors and visitors.

Some of the high duties of ARAI are:

  • To clarify along the academic community the importance of its involvement and commitment in the internationalization projects for they are part of the daily life of the institution and may contribute for quality matter.
  • To assist the implementation of international projects, guiding students, professors, technical and administrative staff.
  • To intermediate the signing of cooperation, partnerships and agreements with foreign educational institutions, international organizations and diplomatic offices.
  • To search tuition rebates and other incentives with partner institutions in order to encourage the participation of students and professors in the projects.
  • Try to make possible the holding of courses jointly to foreign educational institutions for the Dual Degree Certification.
  • Develop specific projects for the exchange of students, professors and researchers and assist the reception of foreign students, professors and visitors.
  • Socialize with the UDF’s academic community into ongoing projects, such as scholarship programs, exchanges and other events.
  • To be responsible for the “Ciência sem Fronteiras” program, established by the federal government and any other academic mobility program, holding by UDF and promote the information dissemination about the Selection Statutes.

The ARAI Office is settled at the Rectory of the UDF – University Center, located in SEP/SUL EQ 704/904, Conjunto A, 1st floor, Asa Sul, Brasília – DF, CEP 70390-045 and is open for further information about internationalization.
The team is composed by Professor André Leão, responsible for the Terms of Cooperation and Partnerships of UDF, and Professor Bernardo Petriz de Assisi, responsible for the “Ciência sem Fronteiras” program.


For further information, contact the Office calling + 55 (61) 3704-8803 / 3704-8808 or email’s / or bernardo.assis@




Learn a little more about some educational institutions that are already partners of UDF and its exchange programs:

– NEWCASTLE COLLEGE (Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Through this academic partnership students and professors can carry out academic and cultural exchange studying the English language in the United Kingdom with discounts in periods of academic recess or vacation in UDF. In addition, students can attend part of undergraduation or graduation in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and attend free courses in specific fields. Numerous students and professors have already participated in this project. Site:




The partnership with the Universidad Nacional de La Plata provides the coming true of a cultural exchange and the study of the Spanish language. In addition, students can take part in herewith events and free courses in a wide range of fields. Site:


– PORTO UNIVERSITY (Porto, Portugal)


The mobility program, which is an outcome of a partnership with the Universidade do Porto, enables the realization of students exchange in a range of courses, so they can carry out part of their undergraduation abroad and may validate the studies when in return to Brazil. This mobility program may vary from 06-months up to 01-year last and registers are available in the first semester of each year. Site:
Numerous of other partnerships are being held and represent brand new benefits. Stay tuned and enjoy the chance to study abroad.




UDF – University Center has already signed partnerships for its students and professors to have discounts in many language schools of Brasilia. Check the list below and do not miss the opportunity to learn new languages:


Instituto Goethe – Brasília (Estudo da Língua Alemã)




Instituto Cervantes (Estudo da Língua Espanhola)




Instituto Cervantes(Estudo da Língua Francesa)




Cultura Inglesa(Estudo da Língua Inglesa)




Wizard Idiomas – 303 Sul (Estudo da Diversos Idiomas)